Are Judges Allowed to Use Social Media?

This is a question that is often asked, but the answer is not always clear or straightforward. There are a number of ongoing campaigns to get judges to stop using social media. However, there are no strict rules about it.

  • Judges can use social media as long as they do not reveal any confidential information about cases or litigants.
  • They are not allowed to take any information from social media and use it in deciding court cases.

Most judicial candidates, if they use social media, tend to stick to the most popular social platforms.

During an election, a candidate’s conduct come under even more scrutiny.

As a general rule, the Code of Conduct for Judges (which applies to Federal judges) states that judges should avoid any kind of public comment on political matters while they are running for office or if they have been elected. This includes anything from Facebook posts, tweets, and even live-streaming videos on YouTube or other platforms.

Check your state election laws for guidelines on social media use.

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