Campaign Slogans for Judges

Choosing a campaign slogan for judge candidatesA good campaign slogan is important for any political campaign. The right slogan encapsulates your campaign message and your primary appeal to voters. It should be short, memorable and in the best cases tap into a genuine emotion.

Campaign slogans for judicial candidates tend to be based more on personal and professional traits.

Here are some examples:

  • Integrity. Honesty. Commitment.
  • Strength and Experience
  • Working for YOU
  • A Record of Accomplishment
  • Experience Counts
  • Hardworking, Experienced, Fair
  • Justice for YOU
  • Proven Experience and Integrity
  • The right experience, the right choice
  • Experience, Integrity and Justice with Compassion
  • Balanced, Fair, Firm
  • Additional political slogans for different positions

Notice something interesting? Compared to slogans of traditional candidates for legislative or executive candidates, these examples are, frankly, kind of boring.

If you want to get elected to the bench, you can’t come across as too outrageous or partisan. Many states prohibit judicial candidates from making specific promises of what they will do in office other than general platitudes.

And while a judicial candidate could speak publicly about your views on specific hot-button issues, most candidates decline to do so. Instead, they tend to emphasize their experience or endorsements.

An endorsement from the local Police Benevolent Association might carry a different message than a candidate who promotes a long history as a public defender.

That leaves voters to figure out how a judge will perform on the bench. They likely won’t be able to figure out where you stand anything from just your slogan.

Once you’ve chosen a campaign tagline, be sure to use your judicial slogan in your web and print advertising. This will help create and cement your ‘brand’ into voter’s minds.