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What Qualities Make For A Good Judge?

Before voters enter the voting booth, they need to know something about the candidates. Judicial candidates running for city, county, district or even state judges tend to run campaigns with a lower level of advertising and promotion.

Because the level of voter contact may be less than other elected offices, running a campaign for judge has particular challenges. It’s important to put yourself in the best light possible. Here are some traits you should consider promoting to voters when running as a judicial candidate, either through your print pieces or campaign website:

Your Character and Integrity. Integrity is the keystone of our judicial system.Emphasize your personal temperament, your historical integrity, and – if necessary – lack of partisan influence. There should be no doubt about your personal or professional ethics.

Legal Accomplishments. Your educational and professional experience should provide a good basis for voters to evaluate you. This may include trial and/or courtroom experience. Even lawyers in private practice may have experience that can make them effective judges. It should show that you can handle the position, can deal with legal issues, and successfully dispense justice effectively.

Community Involvement. How have you participated in community activities or pro bono work?

Your Judicial Temperament. How will you conduct yourself on the bench? How will you interact with citizens, officers and court personnel? What will guide your decisions? While you may not be able express personal opinions publicly, voters who are paying attention will probably be able to figure out your judicial temperament.

Some judges tend to cram too much ‘legalese’ into their campaign materials. While that may help if you are running for a position in a bar association, many voters will either ignore or disregard large amounts of information. The average voter only reads at the eighth grade level. Your promotional material should be written to that level.

Succinctly summarizing your skills, history and approach will be much more effective than writing a 50-page brief about yourself. Voters are not lawyers – don’t treat them like one!

Brevity is the soul of wit – Shakespeare

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