How Should I Announce My Candidacy for Judge?

Announcing your candidacy for judge is a process that involves a lot of preparation and planning. When doing so, it is important that you can fully answer the question: “Why are you running for judicial office?” You should have a clear understanding of the issues and how you plan to address them if elected to the bench.

There are several different ways that candidates can prepare for announcing their candidacy for judge

A campaign website should be created to provide information about you and your platform. This site should include your biography, legal experience, and contact information. Make sure it is easy to navigate and has clear call-to-action so others can get involved in the campaign.

A press release should be drafted to announce your candidacy to the public. It should provide information on the candidate’s background and judicial temperament. Press releases should be distributed to local newspapers and news organizations in your jurisdiction, as well as published online. The release should include your contact information, along with a link back to your campaign website.

The announcement should include:

  •  Your name,
  •  Your profession,
  •  The position you are seeking,
  •  Why you are qualified for the position, and
  •  A brief biography.

If you can, use social media channels also help spread the word. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube should also be used to announce your candidacy. Share updates about why you want to serve as judge and your qualifications. Note that some judicial candidates may not be able to use social media for campaigning.

Announcing your candidacy is a big step, and will immediately put you in the public eye. It is important to be prepared and be ready for the next steps of your campaign.

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